Is Grey a Good Colour to have my Kitchen Sprayed?

Whilst rumour has it that inky blue colours are going to be the next trend for kitchen cupboards, at the moment it seems that grey prevails as the most popular colour. Perhaps this is because grey is such a versatile neutral colour and there are so many different undertones for you to choose from, such as blue, green and lilac.

Grey is a timeless choice for kitchens. It has varying shades which can be used to create an understated, subtle vibe or a bold, focal point. If you’ve found a grey that you love you could use it all over for your kitchen restoration or alternatively, grey mixes and matches well either with other shades of grey or with white, black or as a contrast to colourful accessories and furniture items. The below photo shows grey being paired well in our customer’s kitchen with a similar grey island.

Lighter greys can be used to create brightness and a feeling of spaciousness. Darker greys can create an impact and a sense of cosiness. With the right lighting and complementary accessories, dark greys can provide a dramatic background without your kitchen becoming too dark and dismal.

Here are some kitchens that we’ve sprayed in varying shades of grey:

Light Greys

Mid Greys

Dark Greys

Grey offers so many possibilities. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for an easily adaptable colour that’s going to withstand time.

Have a play around with our kitchen configurator tool for an indication of what different shades of grey can look like.

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