Can Kitchen Vinyl Wrap Problems be Fixed?

Many of our customers get in touch with us to ask if we’re able to offer a solution to their kitchen vinyl wrap problems that they’re having. From our experience, vinyl wrap does not seem to be as durable as having your kitchen cupboards spray painted. For further advice in relation to vinyl wrapped kitchens, you can have a read of our Kitchen Spray vs Kitchen Wrapping and Are Vinyl Wrap Kitchens Any Good? blog posts.

Below we’ve included details of two kitchen spray fixes that we’ve completed recently for customers who had issues caused by wrapping.

Kitchen Spray 1 – RAL 7042

  • The above kitchen was sprayed in RAL 7042 Traffic Grey A this week.
  • The wrap had started to come away from our customer’s kitchen.
  • Dave, Emma and Jim removed the full wrap prior to spraying the kitchen in a 70% gloss finish.

Kitchen Spray 2 – Pavilion Gray

  • This customer’s cupboard coatings had started to warp (see below for the transformation photos).
  • Emma and Connor removed the distorted coatings and applied acrylic primer to the underneath layer, prior to spraying the kitchen in a 30% satin finish last week.

Is your kitchen in need of a makeover? Has your kitchen wrap become damaged? If so, We Spray can offer a solution. Just send us a message and we’ll do our best to help you.

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