uPVC Door Spraying

uPVC Door Spraying

Bespoke Door Spray Painting

Turn The Key To Specialised Door Coatings

Front doors, side doors, or those straight off the production line… Our experienced uPVC door spraying experts can deliver the beautiful finish you’ve been waiting for, without even taking the door off its hinges.

We spray four main materials: wood, uPVC, aluminium and composite. Our team remove the silicone, key and clean the surface, before applying several spray coatings. Then we use silicone matching to ensure the seal adds the perfect finish.

This tried-and-tested door spray painting method is both fast and effective, with results guaranteed to last at least 10 years.

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    Why We Spray?

    Doors are only a small part of your home or venue, but they can give a big boost to its overall appearance. We know what we are doing and we use the best coating and equipment. We are trusted by leading uPVC manufacturers to spray their brand new products.

    uPVC doesn’t stay white, the UV light fades it over time. Our coating not only changes the colour but also forms a protective barrier from UV light so there will never be any discoloration or fading. We guarantee the coating for 10 years for cracking and peeling as well as fading. The first coat will bond to the immaculate, keyed surface that we will create with preparation and then the subsequent layers will bond to each previous layer to form a robust finish.

    The Best For Door Spraying In The North West

    As an established family business, We Spray are honest and considerate about what you may need. That’s why we give free consultations, visiting your property or commercial centre in person so we 100% understand the job. We never take on too many projects either, so our attention is undivided from start to finish.

    But we go further too, providing assurance with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee for every door coating we apply. That means no flaking or cracking – just a stunning, even colour coat!


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