Cladding Spraying

Cladding Spraying

Cladding Coating Specialists In The North West

Cladding provides visual and textural variety for buildings and now you can make it even more attention-grabbing. Our spray coating makes any building distinctive, giving it fresh appeal.

After a full preparation, we will spray a mist coat to highlight any areas on your home or commercial structure that may need a more thorough clean. Then we paint at least three layers to deliver the exact finish you’re seeking, with no overspray on the surrounding area. Metal, wood, composite cladding – they’re all within our realm of expertise.

Nothing is beyond the close consideration of our spraying team. We’ve taken on dozens of cladding projects for homes, apartment blocks, businesses, retail parks, late-night venues and more, giving each a 10-year guarantee.


Why We Spray?

Businesses can attract more attention; residential properties can enhance their kerb appeal. There’s always a good reason for a new cladding coating, but We Spray offer the best service you’ll find anywhere in the North West…

A Close, Confident Approach To Cladding

Our family values mean we never rush a job for the sake of it. Every choice is made from a direct consultation with you. After recognising how you want to magnify the appeal of your property or commercial building, we’ll choose a coating that’ll fit a theme, impression and material.

At We Spray, we ensure that every customer is happy. By taking a select number of projects, we can guarantee that your requirements and timelines will be met. We make sure your cladding looks brand new for at least 10 years. Our coatings are made to survive their environment, wherever it might be.