uPVC Spray Painting Costs

Some spray services like to hide behind their specialism. But we don’t – transparency matters. Below, you’ll find answers to a few frequently asked questions on spray painting costs, the materials and colours we use and much more.

We price projects based on what you need. First, we’ll visit your property and scope the task ahead. Then we give you a quote that’s fixed for three months.

Replacing uPVC can cost a considerable amount more than respraying. Also, the choice of colours is much more extensive when you spray instead of replace it. There is no need to buy new uPVC which is in good working order – it’s designed to last 30+ years. Respraying uPVC is also considered more eco-friendly than replacing the uPVC you have.


K2 Kolorbond – our chosen paint – has a near-infinite range of colours to choose from. You’ll find our most popular colours in our Colour Configuration device. If we don’t have the exact shade you’re looking for, we’ll find the best match.

Primarily we coat UPVC, composites, metals, treated wood, glass and flat cladding. This includes fitted furniture and kitchens or bathroom fixtures. However, we can always put together a custom quote for anything we haven’t listed! Remember too that We Spray can coat both the inside and outside of a property. Spray painting lends a much more flawless finish than a brush or a roller and it is also much more durable than normal off the shelf paint.

You can select from three main finishes: matte (10% shine), satin (30%) or gloss (70%). Unsure how it’ll look? We’ll advise on the finish and show you previous projects.

Yes, interior surfaces must be dry, clean and free from dust and debris. We recommend cleaning surfaces with mild, soapy water. If we’re spraying internally, you also need to remove the existing silicone and clear the area before we start. We’ll then protect the spray area and remove handles etc. There will be no overspray, as our team mask and seal the surrounding areas.


No. We open windows and doors, mask and seal any surrounding areas, and leave a brand-new appearance after spraying.


The majority of We Spray assignments can be rounded off in just one day. For larger or more complex projects – apartment blocks, for example, or an extensive kitchen spray – we only need a few days more.

We can’t complete the entirety of the spray in the rain. However, we can usually work around it by carrying out prep work in the meantime, and completing the spray once the rain ends.

Of course! As a result of our thorough processes, we promise that the paint won’t discolour, flake, peel or crack for at least 10 years. The manufacturer has confirmed this too. If it does, we’ll come back and spray it again for free.


Stockport is our home, but we serve the entire North West including Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield. Sometimes we even go further afield… Ask us for a quote and we might surprise you.


The We Spray team have a specialised Commercial Spray Booth for big batches of doors, windows or furnishing. We’ve worked with dozens of commercial clients, coating everything from store fronts and cladding to railings, shutters and counters. Our quotes also include VAT if you’re a registered business.

Don’t worry. If scaffolding is required, we can arrange this for you. Everything’s conducted with full attention to health and safety.

Yes, every time. That includes our masking tape, sheets and paper. If we move things around, we’ll put them back exactly how we found them, unless discussed otherwise. You won’t have overspray and the dust will be reduced to a minimum – that’s our promise. Our team will ensure you’re happy before we complete the job and leave.

There are many. A new coating protects the uPVC underneath, while it freshens up the look of a property with endless colours and a modern appearance. At the same time, you’re adding value to the property for the reasonable cost of spraying.

We accept BACS payments, debit or credit cards, cash or cheques.