Furniture Spraying

Furniture Spraying

Furniture Spray Painting Specialists

Refresh Your Centrepiece Furniture With Us

With a fresh coating of paint, your standout furnishing pieces will look better than ever with our furniture spraying service. Want to transform a room that’s in need of a change? We Spray can apply multiple coats to suit any redecoration, bring subtler items to the fore, or give older furniture a sense of newness and vitality.

Bathrooms, bedrooms and more… They all sit within our expert coating services. Our team will come to your home or commercial property, mask the surrounding areas, and get started. We can spray anything except raw MDF; glass, wood and laminate are ready for our patented coating technique.

Both exterior and interior furnishing can be treated, as well as commercial manufacturing lines. We Spray work with many clients that have products near to release. Whatever space or purpose they’re meant for, your coatings won’t flake, peel or crack for at least 10 years. That’s our guarantee.

Why We Spray?

Spray coating enables you to refresh current pieces or resist buying more items to fit another aesthetic. Here’s how we can transform much-loved furnishing…

Coatings You Can Truly Count On

Every project is bespoke from start to finish. We understand that your furniture is full of character, so we seek to enhance its best features with a close, one-to-one consultation before we begin. This is because we’re a family business – our own furniture is important to us, so yours carries the same weight and expectation.

Thanks to years of experience in furniture coating, we can deal with any piece – from wardrobes and cupboards to tables and bed frames. Our 10-year guarantee stands for any service we deliver, whatever the scale or scope. That’s how you know we’re confident in providing a long-lasting coat.


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