Do Spray Painted Kitchens Last?

When considering whether to replace your kitchen or whether to have your kitchen spray painted, you may initially think that replacing is the better option if you’re looking for a long-term solution. Spray painting, if carried out properly, does however offer a durable alternative that can save money, time and offers a greater variety of colours and finishes.

We’re so confident in our spray painting services that we provide a 10 year guarantee which covers cracking, discolouration, flaking and peeling. There may be the odd kitchen where replacement is the better option, such as where the kitchen is substantially damaged, but for the majority of customers, kitchen respraying is definitely worth considering.

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The below factors can affect the durability of a spray.

Kitchen Spray Paint Used

Some companies choose to use cheaper, inferior paint to cut costs and to increase profits however we believe that investing in top quality paint is essential for lasting results. The paint that we use is highly resistant to abrasion and accidental damage. We trialled a variety of paints before reaching an informed decision as to which paint to use on an ongoing basis. We recognise that for customers’ kitchens to look as good as new years after their spray, it is important not to cut corners. Despite the higher spend on paint and other materials, we have found that the superior quality is more reliable in the long run, as opposed to taking risks by “buying cheap, buying twice”.

Kitchen Spray Equipment Used

Ensuring that our spray teams are equipped with first class equipment assists the paint to properly adhere to the surface being sprayed. After curing and hardening, the bond achieved by our professional spray guns is so strong that it continues to be effective for many years.

Kitchen Spray Technicians

Employing experienced and knowledgeable spray technicians increases the lastingness of the spray as the better the techniques used, the better the long-term outcome. Our sprayers are extensively trained upon commencing employment with We Spray uPVC and we continue to guide them throughout their employment with us.

Kitchen Spray Preparation

Our customers usually assume that the spraying itself is the most time-consuming part of completing a spray however much of the spray duration is actually spent prepping. Prior to spraying a kitchen, our spray teams abrade the surface of each kitchen cabinet and drawer as well as the fixed items such as cornices, pelmets, plinths, side and end panels. Without dedicating adequate time to properly remove debris prior to spraying, the paint wouldn’t be as hardwearing. Below is a photo which shows the extensive preparation that we carry out when spraying a kitchen.

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