February’s Kitchen Resprays

We Spray uPVC have completed hundreds of kitchen makeovers since establishing. Below are photos of some of our favourite kitchen resprays from last month.

? What colours do we spray? ?
We spray ALL other colours from any brand. You choose your favourite colour and we’ll match it!
?️ What finishes do we offer? ?️
We offer matte (10% sheen), satin (30% sheen) and gloss (70% sheen) finishes.
? What paint do we use? ?
We use the market leading K2 paint.
?? Do we offer a guarantee? ??
Yes, we guarantee that our coating will not crack, flake or peel for 10 years.
? Do we have reviews? ?
Yes, we have plenty! Visit our Facebook review section to check out our five star reviews and recommendations.
? What are the advantages of spraying rather than replacing? ?
1. Replacing kitchens costs a considerable amount more.
2. The colour choice is limitless when you choose to respray.
3. It is more eco-friendly to respray than it is to replace.
? What are our contact details? ?
You can find them here.

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