How Much Does it Cost to Have a Kitchen Sprayed?

Kitchen Spray Cost

Our prices for spraying kitchens start from £600 plus VAT. We’re aware that there are other spray businesses who charge more and others that charge less. Our aim is for our prices to be both reasonable and affordable. Yes, you may get a cheaper quote from one of our competitors however we urge you to bear in mind the following:

  1. We’re an experienced spray company. Spray businesses are becoming increasingly more common however some are comparatively new to the spray trade and are still only just developing their skills. Our sprayers each have years of experience of spraying and are skilled, knowledgeable and passionate.
  2. We spray using only the market leading paint and the best equipment. Businesses charging less are often able to do so as they have less outgoings, with some relying on cheaper, inferior materials.
  3. The service that we offer is of a high quality. At present we have over 125 recommendations on our Facebook page which confirm this, we’re trusted by leading manufacturers to spray their goods and we have thousands of photos of past sprays completed which demonstrate our high standards.
  4. We offer a guarantee that the kitchens that we spray will not peel, crack or flake for 10 years. Some of our competitors offer no guarantee, guarantees for fewer years or only warranties which incur additional fees.
  5. We’re a family run business who care deeply about pleasing our customers and maintaining a fantastic reputation. After all, it’s our livelihood at risk if our business were to fail!


Below are some photos of a kitchen that we rectified. An alternative trader had quoted the customer half of what we’d quoted and they’d gone ahead with him. The trader used substandard paint, applied it with a lack of skill, left overspray on their walls and he also failed to remove the kitchen cupboards and drawers to complete the spray. The finish was patchy, rough, there were drip marks and imperfect lines. This was a disaster for the customer who then had to instruct us to remedy this for them. They ended up paying out twice whereas if they’d hired an experienced, reputable company in the first place, they’d have had a beautiful, flawless finish after the initial spray for just one fee.


Here are a few of our Facebook testimonials left by our customers in relation to the value of our service:

Emma – “Thrilled with the spray paint job that Emma and Connor did yesterday on my kitchen cupboards. It has made my kitchen look more contemporary, fresh and modern. Slick process with minimal disruption. Thank you to all the team who made the work look so easy. Great value for money.”

Linda – “Can’t fault the job the lads did. The transformation is amazing. Well affordable prices. Would highly recommend.”

Wendy – “I absolutely love my kitchen. Well worth the money. Great work done by a great team from start to finish. Excellent service. Would highly recommend these guys.”


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