How Should I Choose a Spray Company?

If you’re considering having your kitchen, fitted furniture, uPVC or other items spray painted, you may have come across many businesses offering this service. Here’s our advice on how to choose a spray company carefully:

Recommendations and Reviews

We advise asking your friends, family and neighbours if they can personally recommend a spray company to complete the work. If you can’t get any personal recommendations, you could search online and once you’ve found some suitable spray companies, have a read of their customer reviews and recommendations. You’ll usually find these on their website or Facebook business page, for example. If you’re unable to find any reviews or recommendations, ask them to provide references for their previous work.

Business Details

Most businesses will have an “about us” page on their website which is worth having a glance over as it’ll give you an idea of their business values. Their contact details should also be easily accessible on there, including a telephone number and/or email address and a postal address.

Check out how long the business has been established. The longer a business has been operating, the more experienced it will be and you’re less likely to come across any issues with them. It’s also worth asking questions about the business’s employees as the business could be relatively new but its employees may have extensive experience gained from their prior employments.


Once you’ve found some reputable businesses, it’s best to get more than one quote and ask for those quotes to be in writing. Bear in mind that quotes will be for a fixed price but estimates can vary. Here at We Spray, our customers usually send us some photos of the items they’d like spraying, we’ll reply with an estimate and if they wish to arrange a home visit, we’ll attend and provide a fixed quotation.

Remember that you should also verify whether the price quoted is inclusive or exclusive of VAT and check whether that quote covers all the work that you have asked to be completed and that there will be no additional expenses.

When considering which quote to go ahead with, it may be your instinct to go with the cheapest price however it is best to weigh up the price and your trust in whether that business can successfully deliver the service that you require and uphold their guarantee.

Spray Specifics

Scan over the business’s FAQ page and don’t hesitate to ask them questions if you have any further queries. Find out more about their preparation process (preparation is key but many people overlook this step), the spray process and finer details such as which paint the business uses. We use the market leading paint, K2 Kolorbond, as quality is vital to us. You’re best finding a business that cares about quality rather than scrimping and buying cheaper, lower quality materials.


Find out whether the spray comes will come with a guarantee. It is the industry standard to guarantee work for at least 5 years. Our guarantee lasts for 10 years and we will resolve any issues relating to discolouration, peeling, cracking or flaking. A company has to be sustainable to have a trustworthy guarantee. There are a lot of companies who may charge a very cheap price to spray, offer the same guarantee as established companies such as ourselves but they may not be around in a year to fulfil it. Again, it is about checking their reviews and ensuring that every customer is happy. Also have a look to see whether they have filed their accounts on Companies House, to prove that they are established.

Business Insurance

Check that the business has adequate insurance in place, for example which will cover any damage that could be caused to your property during completion of the spray. Here at We Spray we have employers liability insurance to cover £10,000,000, public liability insurance to cover £2,000,000 and product liability to cover £2,000,000 also.

Written Agreement

Make sure that before the work starts, you’ve agreed terms and been given an agreement. A reputable company should provide a written agreement detailing specifics such as the work to be carried out (clearly stating what is and is not included), on what date(s) and at what price.


Avoid paying in advance for work to be completed. At We Spray, our customers pay us upon completion of the spray, once they’ve confirmed that they are delighted with our standard of work.

When you do pay the best method is via credit card, to gain the extra protection which comes as standard with doing so.

If you choose to take this advice, you’ll be lessening the risk of complications. Remember to look for a reliable, reputable business offering a consistent, high quality service for an agreeable price.

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