How to Choose the Best Colour for your Kitchen

Many of our customers approach us to have their kitchen sprayed however haven’t yet decided what colour their kitchen should be. We assist our customers to choose a paint colour for their kitchen by discussing considerations such as what colour would suit the existing décor and style of home, whether a colour is likely to stand the test of time,  what colours are popular for kitchens in 2023, how to maximise light within the kitchen and what effect the layout of the kitchen could have on the kitchen colour. There are so many ways that we can help you to choose the perfect kitchen colour:

  • We can visit you in person to show you our physical colour charts and samples.
  • We can send you links to the online colour charts to have a look at.
  • We can email across photos of kitchens sprayed previously in colours that you may like.
  • We can prepare tester pots of colours so that you can see what those colours look like within the light of your own kitchen.

Should you Choose a Colour to Match your Existing Décor?

Before choosing a colour for your kitchen spray, we would recommend that you first analyse your home and the existing colours. Do you want a colour that will compliment the existing colours or a colour that will contrast against them? Take a look at the existing kitchen appliances, furniture pieces, tiles, worktops, walling and flooring and consider how the colour would look alongside those. Do you want your kitchen units to be sprayed in a statement colour or to blend alongside the remainder of the room? Are there other statement pieces that you need to bear in mind before choosing a colour that may conflict? Certain colours work well together whereas others can clash. If however you are set on a particular colour for your kitchen spray, you can always redecorate to ensure that the colours will agree with each other.

Should you Choose a Colour that will Last?

Some colours are timeless whereas others go in and out of fashion. Whilst brown wooden kitchens used to be fashionable, we are approached by more and more customers who find that their kitchens have become dated and so they’re looking to pick a colour that will modernise and refresh their out of style kitchen. So long as a kitchen is still in a good condition, it makes perfect sense to have it sprayed rather than replaced as refreshing just the colour can make such a significant difference to a kitchen’s appearance. For customers who are looking for a solution that lasts, we recommend colours that have longevity, typically neutral shades such as greys, whites, beiges and ivories. Colours such as those rarely go out of style. If you do want to choose a colour with more personality, you could consider muted hues such as dusty pinks or pastel blues; colours such as these still have an element of timelessness but add subtle pops of colour that can really bring life into the room.

Should you Choose a Trending Kitchen Colour?

With the cost of kitchen spraying being so low compared to having a kitchen replaced, you could choose a trending colour and then if there’s a new trend in a couple of years, have your kitchen resprayed again then! 2021 saw blues trending and in 2022, we found that green shades were very popular. We’re looking forward to seeing if the green kitchen trend is going to continue or if another colour will take its place in 2023!

We have the RAL and Farrow and Ball colours matched already and can also match colours from other brands so long as you can provide us with a sample of your chosen colour. We’ve sprayed hundreds of colours in kitchens from blues to greens, pinks to purples!

Should you Choose a Colour to Maximise the Light within your Kitchen?

When selecting paint for a kitchen respray project, the colour chosen can affect the light levels within the kitchen. Lighter shades tend to reflect more light than darker ones and so if you have a small space or one with limited natural lighting, lighter tones may be better suited for bouncing light around the room than darker colours would be. Kitchens that face north receive the least light and kitchens that face south receive the most light. For north facing kitchens, lighter colours such as whites, beiges and pale neutral colours may be a better option if you want the room to remain light and bright. Darker colours, such as navy blues or dark greys such as Anthracite Grey, may be better in kitchens with a bit more natural lighting, where a dark colour isn’t going to subdue the room.

Should you Bear in Mind the Style of Your Home?

When choosing a colour, it is worth also bearing in mind the overall style of your home. Colours such as creams and greens will work well in homes with period features, such as cottages, whereas more modern properties, such as apartments, may suit a wider variety of colours, which are less traditional in kitchens, such as blues and black shades.

Should you Consider your Kitchen Layout when Selecting a Colour?

Another factor to consider when selecting a colour is the kitchen layout. Many of our customers choose to go with dual colours for their sprays and having a contrasting colour for certain areas of the kitchen, such as a kitchen island, is a popular choice. Some customers choose a second colour for a feature wall of their kitchen whereas others choose one colour for their top cupboards and another colour for their bottom cupboards. There is so much choice available if you choose to have your kitchen sprayed rather than replaced! If you’re considering a bold colour choice but aren’t quite sure that it will work with the lighting and space that you have available, you could consider having the majority of the kitchen sprayed in a minimalist shade with a bolder accent colour in certain areas.

If you have a small or galley kitchen, whites, neutrals, light greys or other minimalist colours may be a great choice for the compact space. L shaped kitchens tend to be more open than U shaped kitchens and as such, a warmer, brighter colour may suit well in the more open space.

You can find our most popular colours on our colour configuration tool on our kitchen spraying page. Our configurators give an indication of how the colour will look and puts colours in perspective.

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