How to maintain your uPVC doors and windows

uPVC doors and windows offer amazing durability and longevity. Unlike wooden window frames, uPVC will not rot and needs only minimal maintenance to keep it looking great over a period of many years.

This is why uPVC doors and windows have become so popular across commercial buildings and domestic residences alike, and why We Spray uPVC created our premium uPVC respraying services to restore the aesthetics of frames with many years of life left in them.

In this guide we’ll look at some simple uPVC care and maintenance which, in most cases, is all you need to keep your frames looking fantastic well into the future.


How to clean uPVC frames

Warm soapy water can be used to rinse away any surface dirt. This is often all you need to do, and you can either rinse the frames each time you clean the window glass, or make this a periodic maintenance task in its own right.

Avoid harsh solvents and bleach, which may react chemically with the uPVC. Mild soap in warm water should be enough to shift all but the most stubborn dirt.

Different colours of uPVC show dirt more easily, so if you want to reduce the number of times you clean your window frames each year, consider having your uPVC resprayed in a darker colour, where the dirt won’t show up as quickly or as easily.


What else to clean?

Removing dirt from other parts of the doors and windows can help to prevent the uPVC from getting dirty again for longer.

Some other places to clean include:

  • Regularly clean window glass, including corners where dirt accumulates more easily.
  • Open windows and clean/vacuum the internal frame to remove dirt and cobwebs.
  • Clean any tricky areas around door hinges, handles and other door furniture.

Be careful if using cleaning products, especially solvents, as these may be harmful to the uPVC and should be wiped away quickly if they come into contact with the silicone seals on the interior side of uPVC window frames.


How to repaint uPVC windows

If you notice your white uPVC windows discoloured or stained, coloured uPVC faded in the sun or just stubborn dirt that will not clean off, then you can repaint uPVC windows and doors to get them looking as good as new.

This process is best left to the professionals. At We Spray uPVC we only use premium-quality K2 Kolorbond paints and our work is guaranteed not to flake, peel, crack or discolour for at least 10 years.

Our spray equipment ensures a smooth and even finish, prolonging the paint life, and you can even choose between matte, silk and gloss finishes.

To find out more, contact We Spray uPVC using any of the details on our Contact page, and we’ll be happy to help get your uPVC doors and windows back to their best.

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