How to Make an Older Home Look New on a Budget

Do you love how an older home feels? There’s nothing like the character, warmth, and charm of a historic home. But make no mistake. Old houses are not without their challenges.

Neighbourhoods in up-and-coming areas can be pricey to move into, especially when you’re looking for good old character homes that need some work on the inside. 

And while it is possible to completely gut an entire house down to the studs, it’s time consuming and expensive. And if your budget is small, this might not be the best option for you. 

So, want some tips on how to make an older home look new on a budget? Here are 6 ways to renovate your home with added visual appeal and market value – no remodelling necessary! 

1 . A Fresh Coat of Paint 

Older homes can look drab and grey over time because the paint has faded or become dirty. Changing the colour scheme of your walls, doors, or even kitchen cabinets may not only give your house a completely new appearance, but also bring in more light into dark-coloured rooms. 

When choosing colours, compare samples on the walls at different times of day as this will give you a truer shade. At We Spray uPVC, we provide  high quality spray painting services, offering a comprehensive consultation to deliver outstanding finishes for your home. 

2 . New Carpets

If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, it is likely to be at least a decade old and could do with freshening up. To make an older home look new, you could either get them professionally cleaned and bring life back to their original colour and feel. Or (if the budget allows) rip up your old carpets and replace them with hardwood flooring instead. 

Replacing old floor coverings will not only give your rooms a chic contemporary look, but also provide valuable insulation from cold floors in winter. In bedrooms especially, vinyl can feel warmer underfoot and look just as luxurious as natural stone or wooden flooring. 

3 . Modern Appliances

When appliances reach around 10 years of age, they begin to lose their sparkle. If your oven, dishwasher, fridge or washing machine are looking a little worse for wear, then one way to make an older home look new is simply buying modern, stainless-steel versions instead. 

High quality appliances will only cost you slightly more than your old ones did 10 years ago, but they’ll be in perfect working order for years to come, so it makes sense to take advantage of today’s technology. 

4 . Windows

Replacing sealed windows with energy efficient double-glazed versions will not only make your home look fresh, but also provide better insulation and save money in the long term. By choosing this option, it will give you a healthier indoor environment too with less dust and mould. 

If your existing window frames are still in good nick, you could even take advantage of our uPVC window spraying services to restore them and create a diverse or unified aesthetic for the property for a fraction of the cost! 

5 . Lighting

Another way to make an older home look new on a budget and update its appearance is to change the types of lights used throughout. A more outdated property may have single-bulb fittings which can be replaced with stylish multiple-bulbed chandeliers, or pendant lights suspended over dining tables. Mood lighting and reading lamps are also a great choice as they can offer flexible lighting for different purposes. 

6 . Choose New Furniture Carefully

An older home may have been filled with furniture from several distinct periods, so how do you make an older home look new? Think about updating your existing pieces bit by bit, and buying used amenities here and there to help compose a modern ensemble. 

Or, simply getting creative and upcycling items with a lick of paint is an excellent way to repurpose old furniture for a new sense of vitality – that’s where our furniture spray painting specialists come in! 

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