Kitchen Spray FAQs

Here are the top 20 kitchen spray FAQs in relation to kitchen cupboard spraying.

Can you spray my kitchen?

Yes. Although we’re named We Spray uPVC, we spray many materials as well as uPVC and kitchen spraying is our most popular service.

What colours are offered for kitchen sprays?

You can choose from any colour. If you choose a colour that we’re not familiar with, we’ll be able to have the colour matched.

What RAL colours are most popular in kitchens?

Our experience is that RAL 9003 Signal White, RAL 7047 Telegrey 4, RAL 7045 Telegrey 1, RAL 7042 Traffic Grey A and RAL 7038 Agate Grey are popular in kitchens.

What Farrow and Ball colours are most popular in kitchens?

We’ve found Pavilion Gray, Cornforth White, Manor House Gray, Hague Blue and Down Pipe popular choices for kitchen sprays.

Is grey a good colour to have my kitchen sprayed?

Grey is the colour that our customers most often choose for their spray. It is such a versatile neutral colour and there are so many different undertones for you to choose from. You can’t go wrong with grey and we highly recommend it!

Can I have my kitchen sprayed in more than one colour?

Yes. Many of our customers have chosen to have their kitchens sprayed in two tones. Below you’ll see our most recent two tone transformation. This customer opted for Farrow and Ball Pavilion Gray for her cupboards and drawers and Farrow and Ball Stiffkey Blue for her kitchen island.

What finishes are offered for kitchen sprays?

We offer three finishes; matte (10% shine), satin (30%) and gloss (70%).

Can spray paint be used to cover a gloss kitchen?

Yes, our coating can be applied over gloss. We’ve got past experience in transforming gloss kitchens to both satin and matte finishes.

What paint do you use to spray kitchens?

We use the market leading K2 Kolorbond paint, which is produced by Technispray.

What kitchen spray options do you offer?

Option 1 – the fronts of the cupboards and drawers.

Option 2 – the fronts and backs of the cupboards and drawers.

Option 3 –  the fronts and backs of the cupboards and drawers plus the internal carcasses.

For all three options, we spray paint your plinths, cornices, pelmets, external shelving, wine racks, side and end panels and cupboard and drawer fronts. If you’d like your kitchen spraying in a method other than our standard options, just ask.

Can you spray my kitchen tiles too?

Yes. Some of our past customers have opted to have both their kitchen cupboards and tiles sprayed in the same colour whereas others have chosen two separate colours.

What are the advantages of having a kitchen sprayed rather than replaced?

On average, having your kitchen sprayed costs around just 10% of the cost of having it replaced. With spray painting there’s no building work involved which means less hassle for you and your kitchen will be transformed much more quickly than if you opt to have it replaced.

What are the advantages of having a kitchen sprayed rather than vinyl wrapped?

Spray painted kitchens tend to be more durable than vinyl wrapped kitchens. Sprayed kitchens have a more luxurious finish and there are limitless paint colours that you can choose from.

Can I see your kitchen spray reviews?

Of course. As of today’s date, we have 147 recommendations left by our lovely customers on our Facebook page and we invite you to have a read of them so that you can learn more about our reputable company.

Do you offer a guarantee on the kitchens that you spray?

We offer a guarantee that the paint we’ve applied in your kitchen will not crack, flake or peel for 10 years. Get in touch if you’d like to request a copy of our guarantee.

What is the booking process for having my kitchen sprayed?

You can send us some photos of your kitchen and we’ll send you estimates for each of our kitchen spray options. Next one of our team will attend your property to provide you with further information and advice. If you’d like to book in we can set a date for the spray, details such as the colour and finish you’d like to choose and what the price will be. Our spray team will then arrive on the date of the makeover to transform your kitchen.

Do you have colour charts and samples that you can show me?

Yes, we can bring our charts and samples along to an appointment and also provide you with tester pots of the colours you’re interested in.

Do I need to prepare before the kitchen spray?

We’ll leave you a copy of our agreement when we visit your property. Our agreement contains all the information you’ll need in relation to preparing for the spray. We ask that you clean your kitchen before our team arrive, empty your items from your cupboards and drawers and pull out any appliances so that our sprayers can spray the side panels beside them.

How long does it take to have a kitchen sprayed?

For the vast majority of our kitchen sprays, your kitchen will be prepped, sprayed and tidied up within just one to three days!

How much does it cost to have a kitchen sprayed?

Our prices for spraying kitchens start from £600 plus VAT. We aim for our prices to be both reasonable and affordable.

If you’ve got more questions, get in touch with us and one of our friendly team will be able to assist you. You can find our contact details here.

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