Light vs Dark Kitchen Cabinets: Which is right for you?

The kitchen is the heart of every home and it’s important to choose the right colour scheme that fits in your personality and style. The light vs. dark kitchen cabinets debate is a popular one, but in the end, it all comes down to personal preferences and the kind of atmosphere you want to create. 

Here are a couple of things to consider when choosing the colour scheme that’s right for you. 


Light Kitchen Cabinets 


White or lighter coloured kitchen cabinets have stood the test of time, and are a recommended choice for most people because of how versatile they are. Whether you are looking to achieve a modern, rustic or traditional look, light kitchen cabinets complement almost any colour, providing plenty of flexibility when it comes to appliances, shelving or backsplashes. 

Bright & airy 

There is something so welcoming about light kitchen cabinets to brighten up your space. These work especially well with kitchens that don’t have the luxury of natural light on their side because they mirror the artificial overhead lights to help illuminate the room further. 

Even when you have windows, lighter coloured cabinets can bathe your kitchen with natural light in every corner, creating a fresh, light and more energetic look. 

Expands your space 

In the light vs dark kitchen cabinets debate, space is a major factor. One of the main advantages to white or light kitchen cabinets is their ability to make even the smallest of spaces look bigger. This illusion is amazing at tricking the eye into thinking it has more room. Again, by reflecting the light around your kitchen, it visually opens up your space to the max.

High maintenance 

However, one of the main disadvantages to white or lighter kitchen cabinets is they are prone to showing more dirt, grime, smudge, or signs of discoloration quicker than its dark counterpart; even something as simple as dusting can be an issue. This is something to consider if you have pets or children, as they will require constant cleaning and maintenance. 


Dark Kitchen Cabinets 

Edgy & sophisticated 

For a more dramatic, yet luxurious feel to your kitchen, dark kitchen cabinets are the way forward. Darker elements will transform a bland kitchen into a striking focal point of the home. It doesn’t necessarily have to be purely black either, as there are loads of different shades, hues and colours available, from greys to darker greens and navy blues. 

Cosy appeal 

It’s no secret dark colours make spaces feel cosy and inviting, with a bold appeal that stands out from the crowd. Darker colours tend to absorb light and enclose a kitchen for a snug atmosphere. If you want to make your kitchen feel even cosier, wood is the best material for furniture, flooring or shelves to complement darker coloured kitchen cabinets. 

Low maintenance 

Unlike lighter cabinets, darker ones are more practical, and require less maintenance when it comes to frequent stains, spillages or scratches. A darker surface is more forgiving than light in hiding the evidence, so it’s a good choice for families and if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Strategic design 

Finally, one thing to be mindful of if you decide to choose dark kitchen cabinets for your colour scheme is being strategic with its design. It can be difficult to complement appliances and other surfaces with your cabinetry, and darker cabinets also have the disadvantage of making your space oppressive and gloomy when combined with darker flooring. Therefore, think about where to use lighter colours, or pale greys to create contrast like the countertop or walls for visual interest.


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