Restore your uPVC window frames with spray painting

Are your windows looking a little dull of late? Are they in need of saving? We Spray uPVC has the answer to all of your problems! Restore your uPVC window frames with our high-quality, professional window spray painting services.

Our multi-coat solution guarantees to renew your uPVC window frames for an immaculate, consistent finish and colour that completely transforms your property’s exterior!


What causes uPVC window frames to fade or discolour?

There are various reasons as to why your windows are no longer as bright and vibrant as they once were. Direct sunlight and UV rays are the primary cause of yellowing, especially on white window frames, whereas rigorous cleaning can also lead to discolouration and damage over time.


The solution?

Luckily, our specialised window spray painting solution not only brings back the colour to your uPVC window frames, but it also prevents cracking, peeling or fading for 10 years. How? By applying a ‘mist coat’ first after cleaning and scotching the surface, we then spray at least three more coatings which bond together to shield UV light from penetrating your window frames.

Plus, you’ll be able to select any colour from the RAL or BS colour charts. There’s Jet black, Anthracite Grey, Cream, or if you have a specific preference, we’re able to match a colour of your choice!

So, forget replacing your windows, as this can cost a considerable amount of money and time. Our experienced window spraying professionals use market leading equipment and paints to deliver exceptional results in as little as a day – no fuss, no worry!

Get in touch about our fantastic uPVC window spraying services by calling 0800 970 8825 or fill in the form via our website and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

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