Window Spray vs Window Replacement

Are your rosewood windows looking outdated? Have your white windows become discoloured and in need of a refresh? Are you longing for trendy RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey windows or perhaps another modern colour? If you are happy with the style of your existing frames and they’re still in good working order, it makes sense to have your windows sprayed rather than having them replaced. Here’s why:

  1. Having windows replaced can cost a considerable amount more than having them resprayed. On average, the cost of having your windows spray painted is around just 20% of the cost of replacing them.
  2. You’re likely to be given a limited choice of colours to choose from if you purchase a new window. Alternatively, if you have your windows sprayed, you’ll be able to pick from absolutely any colour, whether it be from the RAL or BS colour charts, from a paint brand or from any item in your chosen colour, as we’re able to match whichever colour you desire.
  3. Having uPVC paint applied to your windows can be less hassle than having new windows installed. Our team will only need to be at your property for one to a few days and they’ll clean up after they’ve transformed your property. There’ll be no mess left behind and no old windows for you to discard.
  4. uPVC is designed to last for 30+ years. It is therefore more eco-friendly to replace your uPVC than to have it replaced unnecessarily.

You may be dubious about having your windows painted rather than replaced due to spraying being a comparatively new service however our team have years of spray experience, our sprays come with a ten year guarantee and we have plenty of customer recommendations to demonstrate what a fantastic service window spraying is.

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