Window Spraying Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the window spray questions that we are frequently asked by customers who are considering having their windows spray painted rather than replaced.

Can windows be spray painted?

Yes, window spraying is an effective option if you would like to refresh or modernise the colour of your uPVC, wooden or aluminium window frames.

Although many customers believe window spraying to be a relatively new service, window spray painting has actually been available for many years and it has soared in popularity recently. Daniel, our specialist Window Spray Technician, has been spraying windows for over 17 years now!

What colours can windows be sprayed in?

We can spray any colour from any brand. The brands that we have already colour matched are RAL and Farrow and Ball.

To spray a window in a colour from another brand, we would just need you to provide us with a sample of your chosen colour, such as a colour card, so that we can arrange for it to be matched.

We have matched colours from many other brands such as Dulux, Frenchic, Little Greene and Valspar.

What is our most popular external spray colour?

Many customers ask us what the dark grey colour is that they see everywhere nowadays. That colour is RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey, the colour that we spray most frequently. Anthracite Grey has become incredibly popular and due to it being so versatile, we expect it to remain the number one choice for many years to come.

Can my windows be sprayed lighter?

Yes, when we spray items, we can spray them both lighter and darker. We apply enough coats to ensure that the original colour is fully coated in our customers’ chosen colour. As an example, we regularly spray over dark rosewood window frames in white and achieve full coverage.

What finishes can windows be sprayed in?

The three sheens that we spray are 10% matte, 30% satin and 70% low gloss. 99% of the window sprays that our teams carry out are in 30% satin, which is our standard finish.

How much does window spraying cost?

The cost to spray a window starts from £75 plus VAT per window. When providing an estimate, we consider factors such as the size of the window frame, the number of openers on the window and how many items are to be sprayed in total. We have a minimum on site spray charge of £200 plus VAT and so the price to spray just one small window will be increased to that minimum rate. The more items that we are attending to spray on the same occasion, the lower the overall price will be. Whilst our Spray Technician is spraying the first window, our Labourer can commence the prep on the next window and so on, speeding up the overall spray time.

Do we spray for manufacturers?

Yes, as well as spraying windows on site for residential and commercial customers, we also spray brand new window frames from our spray booth in Stockport for our manufacturer customers.

Why choose window spraying over replacement windows?

Having a window sprayed is more cost effective than having a window replaced. If you’re looking to save money, we recommend enquiring about our window spraying service.

Another benefit is that window spraying is usually a quicker option than having windows replaced, meaning less disruption to you whilst the work is being carried out.

As mentioned above, when having your windows sprayed, you can choose from any colour. You can therefore choose a bespoke colour, rather than selecting from one of the limited choices offered by window manufacturers.

Do we have window spraying reviews for you to read?

As of today, we have 263 reviews and recommendations on Trustpilot, 212 on Facebook and 63 on Google for prospective customers to peruse!

We are rated 4.9/5 on Trustpilot and 5/5 on both Facebook and Google thanks to our experienced and hardworking spray teams.

Here are just a few reviews left by our lovely customers following their window transformation:

  1. WeSpray painted my windows, facias and soffits in September. WOW, what a transformation it made. I was a bit apprehensive at first as I’d just had the house rendered and didn’t want paint getting on it. But I had no need to worry. David and his brother did a fantastic job. No fuss, no mess and very professional. And the finish was immaculate! I would highly recommend WeSpray. Was impressed from my first phone call with Jenny to the end result. Real 5* company.
  2. What an amazing company had them twice now. Very professional and the lads were good workers attention to detail. Would highly recommend my windows and door look amazing.
  3. Fabulous service! We had new black doors fitted downstairs and the white PVC upstairs didn’t match but the windows themselves were fine. I took some photos, sent them off, arranged for a visit and am delighted with the job. Great masking of the surrounding area, lovely staff, the windows look brand new – absolutely delighted with all aspects – thank you!!

Do we provide a guarantee on windows sprayed?

We guarantee that our coating will not crack, discolour, fade or peel for at least 10 years on uPVC and aluminium windows.

Unfortunately we cannot provide this guarantee on wooden windows, the reason being that wood is a natural material that can deteriorate due to the weather.

Can we spray windows on the inside and outside?

Yes, we most often spray the external skin of windows however we can also spray the internal skin.

If you would like to have both the external and internal of your windows sprayed, we can spray both sides in one colour and can also spray the outside one colour and the inside another colour.

Will there be overspray on surrounding items?

No, our teams thoroughly mask off surrounding items prior to commencing spraying to ensure that there is no overspray.

Do we need to prepare for a window spray?

If you are having your windows sprayed externally, you do not need to prepare beforehand. The only preparation that we will need you to complete if we are spraying your windows internally is to take down blinds/curtains from inside the windows and to remove any ornaments or other obstructions from the window cills.

Our teams will carry out the necessary preparation. They will mask around the windows, scotch the items to key the surface and as discussed below, remove the silicone (if any) from around the windows.

Do you spray over or replace the silicone?

Our spray technicians remove the existing silicone and replace it with new silicone in your chosen colour.

Whilst some companies try to save time and cut costs by spraying over the current silicone, we strongly recommend against this. Paint does not adhere well to silicone and so customers will be left with flaking areas of paint with the original colour becoming more and more visible over time.

Does the weather affect a window spray?

Our teams do not spray outdoors all year round. They commence external sprays from around March and finish spraying outdoors around October. The reason for this is because if the temperature is too cold, it can invalidate the guarantee of the coating.

If the weather is going to be wet on the day(s) scheduled for the spray, it may be that we can work around the rain as the majority of the time spent on site is spent prepping. If however the rain is continuous, we would need to reschedule the spray and would return at the earliest possible opportunity.

Is scaffolding required for window spraying?

Our teams can complete the vast majority of external sprays using their ladders, without the need for scaffolding. There are however occasions where scaffolding will be needed, such as to spray a window above a protruding porch or where the ground beneath the window is not level.

When providing you with an estimate, we can advise you as to whether scaffolding will be required and can also carry out a ladder check when visiting in person.

If scaffolding is needed, we will confirm this to you, letting you know the requirements so that you can source a scaffolder for your spray.

Can we spray other external items?

Yes, as well as windows, we also spray doors, garage doors, conservatories, cladding, fascias, soffits, guttering and downpipes.

How can a window spray estimate be obtained?

We can provide an accurate estimate based on viewing photos of the windows to be sprayed. Rather than providing an up-close photo of each window, you can just send across fewer photos taken from further back, including the ground beneath the windows within the photos. This allows us to consider the distance of the window from the ground and the surrounding area to be prepped to complete the spray.

You can send the photos by emailing hello@wesprayupvc.co.uk, by messaging our Facebook page or via WhatsApp to 07523 171 845.

If you have any other query relating to window spraying, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.


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