A Kitchen Nightmare? Signs You Need An Upgrade!

Is your kitchen looking more like a haunted house on Halloween these days? Peeling paint, squeaky cabinets, cracked tiles, a microwave wave and kettle covered in cobwebs – only joking! 

As the heart of the home, this is a place where you and your family eat, relax and socialise. So, to avoid having a kitchen nightmare this October, here is an easy-to-miss list of signs you need an upgrade so that your kitchen receives a little bit of love.

1. Storage Space and Layout Issues 

You’re constantly moving from one side to the other when preparing meals. There’s loads of empty, abandoned cupboards, or your kitchen is completely cluttered with food and utensils in every corner and cabinet. Sound familiar? 

This is often due to a bad layout, or because you’ve simply outgrown it. If you’ve got any of these problems, it might be time for a kitchen upgrade! 

2. Kitchen Appliances are Old and Unreliable

Nothing lasts forever and the same goes for your appliances. These can have a significant impact on a kitchen’s functionality, and if the oven breaks down, or the washing machine is constantly blocked, then it’s time for an upgrade. 

We recommend replacing them with more energy efficient models that also fit in with your kitchen’s aesthetic – saving you time and money in the long-run. 

3. Kitchen Cupboards are Worn Out

Kitchens are often quite high traffic areas, and can be subject to heavy wear and tear over time. This includes chipped paint, stains, scratches and scuffs found anywhere on cabinet surfaces. 

One way to resolve the issue is using a filler for any holes, dents or scratches which can then be sanded and primed, ready for a fresh coat of paint. Tip: Use a touch-up kit that is suited to your cabinet finish/material – wood, laminate, etc. 

A kitchen cabinet respray offers numerous advantages over the traditional way of refinishing wood by hand with a brush, or even varnishing using cans of paint. The process is affordable, fast, durable, and efficient – all reasons why many homeowners decide on this method when their kitchens look old or outdated.  

4. The Floor is Looking Worse for Wear

Is your kitchen floor tile grout dirty or starting to peel off at the corners? These are all signs that you might need a kitchen floor regrouting service. New kitchen tiles may also be something to think about if you’re thinking about changing the overall style of your kitchen. 

Turn Your Kitchen Around

Don’t let your kitchen become a nightmare! Get in touch now with the kitchen spraying experts at We Spray uPVC for  bespoke, outstanding respraying services, where we aim to help spruce up the kitchen of your dreams. Call us now on 0800 970 8825 or drop us an email hello@wesprayupvc.co.uk 

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