How to Choose the Right Colour Scheme for your Kitchen

One of the fastest, easiest and best-value ways to revitalise a tired old kitchen is to respray your cupboard doors and give the kitchen an instantly updated colour scheme.

Spray painting is around one fifth of the cost of replacing the kitchen cupboard doors, and avoids some of the risks of vinyl wraps, such as air bubbles that form under the vinyl surface.

But what’s the best colour scheme for your kitchen? Here we look at some of our most popular kitchen cupboard colours and a few more things to keep in mind.

Our Most Popular Kitchen Cupboard Colours

Our most popular kitchen cupboard colours combine minimalist and monochrome greys and whites with contemporary blues, greens and neutrals, and this is an indication of the modern-day preference for warm, cosy and elegantly coloured kitchens.

  • Farrow & Ball Hague Blue is a rich, deep, luxurious blue ideal for a strong colour statement.
  • Farrow & Ball Treron is a dark green based on the brand’s popular classic shade Pigeon.
  • RAL whites and greys remain hugely popular for monochrome minimalist colour schemes.
  • Farrow & Ball Elephant’s Breath is a warm neutral mid-grey shade with the slightest hint of magenta.
  • Farrow & Ball Jitney is a brown-based neutral tone located between Elephant’s Breath and the dark taupe Oxford Stone.

Remember, you’re not limited to a monochrome colour scheme for your kitchen, as we have over 300 RAL colours to choose from on our charts, the extensive range of Farrow & Ball paint colours, and the ability to mix an infinite number of custom shades.

Match an Existing Kitchen Colour Scheme

Choose from our long list of K2 Kolorbond paints, pick one of our colour matches for Farrow & Ball and Dulux paints, or request a custom colour if you have existing features you want to match.

We’re seeing an increase in two-tone kitchen colour schemes, combining a minimalist shade such as white or light grey, with a bolder accent colour that helps the room to ‘pop’.

What to Get Sprayed

We give you three main options when it comes to choosing exactly what parts of your kitchen cupboards to have sprayed:

  1. Fronts of cupboard doors and drawers
  2. Fronts and backs of cupboards and drawers
  3. Fronts, backs and internal carcasses

All options include the fronts of the carcasses, as well as side and end panels, wine racks and external shelves, so you always know you’ll get a consistent colour scheme for your new kitchen.

If you’d like to know more or you need some inspiration when choosing a kitchen colour scheme, please contact us on 0800 970 8825 and we’ll be happy to help you decide on the colours for your spray paint.

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