Can You Spray Paint Wooden Kitchen Cabinets?


Wooden Kitchen Spraying

Different Types of Wood

Before and After Photos of Sprayed Wooden Kitchens

Painted Wooden Cabinet Reviews

As our company is named We Spray uPVC, we regularly get asked whether we spray items other than uPVC and the answer to that question is yes. In fact, we actually spray more items that aren’t uPVC than items that are! Back when our business was established, we began by spraying uPVC windows, hence the company name. In the years since, we have branched out and as well as windows, we now spray many different items for both residential and commercial customers, specialising in kitchen spraying.

Wooden Kitchens

Wood is a popular choice for kitchen cupboards. Despite the majority of kitchen cupboards being made from hardwoods, such woods are often frequently used as veneers over a substrate base, like plywood. Alternatives to wood, such as laminate, are another cupboard option. Our teams are able to spray paint over such materials. You may find this blog post of interest as it lists the kitchen cabinet materials which can be spray painted, including solid wood, engineered woods, such as laminate and MDF.

Different Types of Wood

Spray painting a kitchen offers a great alternative to replacing a kitchen. Wooden kitchens are usually so durable that they last for many, many years and so rather than ripping out a kitchen that has become outdated but is still in a good condition, consider spray painting! Our teams can spray paint over ash, birch, cherry, hickory, maple, oak and pine wooden kitchens. Each of these different types of wood has different features and one feature of significance when having a kitchen painted is the level of grain that the wood has. This blog post considers whether you should fill the grain on your wooden kitchen prior to having it sprayed, as some customers with heavily grained kitchens do opt to smooth their cabinets prior to our team attending.

Generally, red oak has more obvious grain compared to white oak, where the grain is more subtle. Hickory has a similar pattern of grain to white oak. Ash, birch and cherry are usually fine grained. Pine is also used often in kitchens and this type of wood does regularly feature knots. When we spray paint a kitchen, our paint does not fill in knots or grain and so the knots/grain will still be there after we have sprayed the kitchen. Grain can be deeper at some parts than others and if the grain is different depths in different areas, the appearance of the different depths can be enhanced after a spray. The appearance of the wood being sprayed is therefore worth a consideration when booking a spray of a wooden kitchen.

Before and After Photos of Sprayed Wooden Kitchens

If you are undecided about whether to have your wooden kitchen spray painted, perhaps these before and after photos will help you to make a decision! The paint that we use is durable, cleans easily and the finish is a smooth, professional one, without brush marks. The paint will not fade for many years and once applied, it will makes your wooden kitchen cupboards look as though they were painted in the factory at the time of manufacture! Why wouldn’t you have your wooden kitchen cupboards painted?

Painted Wooden Cabinet Reviews

Here are some reviews received from customers who have had their wooden kitchen or furniture pieces spray painted by our Spray Technicians:

  • “I decided to go with wespray after their fantastic reviews that were on their website. David came to my home that week with some good colour samples so I could decide what I thought matched my work top and kitchen floor. I am really pleased with the spray on my wood kitchen cupboards and my kitchen door which I had sprayed at the same time. It looks like a new kitchen for less than half the cost of a new one and quick as well as it only took a day. The lads were really professional who did the spray and were happy to answer any questions I had and made sure that we were happy with the end result. Really professional company I would highly recommend them. Also any questions you have before the job are answered with a quick response.” – Stuart
  • “I had a perfectly sound, but tired, faded looking kitchen with wooden doors that had become stained. Spraying the whole kitchen rather than a refit or getting new door fronts has been has been the ideal and economical solution. Cost effective, and far less upheaval and mess than a full refit. Everything now looks brand new, fresh and modern, including the cornices, and tricky corners in a quirky ”under the stairs” area. The masking and protecting the rest of the dining area was so effective there was no damage or overspray anywhere. I also had all my interior doors removed sprayed at the same time. Emma and Darren were a credit to the company and a pleasure to have working in the house. Using a local family firm has been a really good experience.” – Mr & Mrs Jones
  • “Booked WeSpray to spray some fitted wooden cupboards in the living room, Laura came for a consultation and was really knowledgeable. By the time we left the mantle piece and window area was also being painted. On the day of the spray the team were really professional and spent hours prepping to make sure the end result was the best. It was a very long day for the team and a very exciting reveal. The work they have done is stunning, can’t believe how different the room looks and what a great idea it was rather than replacing! This company were recommended to us by a neighbour and I would recommend them to anyone.” – Julie

If you have any questions relating to the spray painting of wooden kitchens or any other items, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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