Kitchen Spraying in Bolton

Kitchen Spray in Bolton in 30% Satin Sheen

This kitchen was sprayed in Bolton in our standard satin sheen. As can be seen from the before and after photos, this kitchen went from high gloss to satin (you can read more about spraying over gloss kitchen cupboards by clicking here). Most of our customers are aware when they get in touch with us that they can change the colour of their kitchen cupboards with a spray however not all customers know that it is also possible to change the sheen. We can spray matte, satin and low gloss sheens and the sheen above, satin, is the one that we most regularly spray. The colour sprayed above was a match to Railings by Farrow and Ball.

Kitchen Respray in Westhoughton in Purbeck Stone

This kitchen was resprayed in a colour match to Purbeck Stone, another Farrow and Ball colour. Many of our customers have chosen to have their kitchens resprayed in this beautiful stone grey and we can see why as it is such a lovely colour. Farrow and Ball have 132 colours in their signature palette and we have all of those colours matched. This blog post may be of interest to you if would like to find out more about colour matching. We have hundreds of colours matched already however if one of those isn’t quite what you’re looking for, you can find your perfect colour and we can match and spray it for you.

Kitchen Vinyl Peel, Prime and Spray in Breightmet

The vinyl in this customer’s kitchen had started to peel away in areas. Our team removed the damaged vinyl and applied a primer to the underneath MDF prior to spraying our coating. You can find out more about the removal of vinyl wrap by clicking here. Our customer chose a colour match to Skimming Stone, a similar colour to their kitchen’s original colour.

Kitchen Spray Painting in Horwich in Drop Cloth

This kitchen in Horwich was spray painted in a colour match to Drop Cloth, a mid grey beige by Farrow and Ball. Neutral colours have been extremely popular so far this year and Drop Cloth has been one of our most regularly sprayed colours over the last few months! When we spray a kitchen such as this one, all exposed areas, such as wine racks and the internals of glass fronted cupboards are also sprayed in our customers’ chosen colour.

Dual Coloured Kitchen Transformation in Lostock

These customers chose two colours for their kitchen transformation. They chose two RAL colours; RAL 7035 Light Grey for their upper cupboards and RAL 7012 Basalt Grey for their lower cupboards. We love this combination of colours together. When choosing dual colours, some customers choose to have their upper cupboards and lower cupboards sprayed in two different colours as this customer did whereas other customers choose one colour for an island or a feature area for example and another colour for the remainder of their kitchen.

Bolton Kitchen Painting in Sapphire Salute Colour Match

This kitchen in Bolton was sprayed in a colour match to Sapphire Salute, a colour by Dulux. This is one of our favourite blues chosen so far after years of painting kitchens! Our team completed this job in our standard satin finish.

Cottonfields Kitchen Cupboard and Tile Spray

These customers in Cottonfields chose three colours for their kitchen transformation! They chose Farrow and Ball’s Jitney for their upper cupboards, RAL 9005 Jet Black for their lower cupboards and Skimming Stone for their kitchen wall tiles. The cupboards were sprayed in our 30% satin finish and the tiles in our 70% low gloss finish.

Egerton Kitchen Respray in RAL 9001 Cream

This wooden kitchen was resprayed in RAL 9001 Cream. You can click here to find out about the different kitchen materials that we can respray. We think that Cream was a great colour choice and that it really brightens up the room.

Kitchen Spray in Farnworth in Azure Blue

This kitchen was spray painted in Farnworth. This is the only spray that we have completed in this colour, RAL 5009 Azure Blue, so far and we think it is such a lovely shade of blue. The sheen was transformed from gloss to satin.

Westhoughton Kitchen Spray in Ammonite

This kitchen was sprayed in a colour match to Ammonite, a subtle grey shade by Farrow and Ball. Our spray teams have now completed 50 sprays in this lovely colour. It is such a versatile colour and so it isn’t surprising that so many customers choose it for their kitchen transformations.

Colour Match Kitchen Respray in Bromley Cross

This kitchen was sprayed in a colour match to a beautiful green grey shade called Painswick. Whilst we have sprayed quite a few windows and doors in this colour, we haven’t sprayed it often in a kitchen and so it was nice to be given the opportunity to spray this colour indoors!

Dual Colour Kitchen Transformation in Westhoughton

One of our teams sprayed this kitchen in dual colours. Our customer chose two Farrow and Ball colour matches for this spray. The upper kitchen cupboards were sprayed in a match to School House White and the lower kitchen cupboards in a match to Green Smoke. Both colours were sprayed in our standard satin sheen.

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