Kitchen Spray Colour Matching – Create your Bespoke Kitchen


What is colour matching?

Do we offer a colour matching service?

What colours can be matched?

What colours do we have matched already?

How are colours matched?

What do we require to match a colour?

How accurate is colour matching?

Choosing a colour for your kitchen spray can be a hard decision and the choice is endless. Even though we have matched hundreds of colours already, sometimes a customer may want us to match something specific, whether it be existing kitchen units, the paint on their walls or even an item in their house that they just love the colour of. One of the best things about a kitchen spray is that you can create a bespoke kitchen that no one else has!

What is Colour Matching?

Colour matching is the method of obtaining paint in a desired colour by having the original colour replicated, whether that be for a kitchen spray or any other spray or project.

Do we Offer a Colour Matching Service?

Yes, we do! We understand that all of our customers are unique and that is why we work hard to assist each customer to choose the perfect colour to reflect their personal style. With our kitchen spraying service, our customers can choose absolutely any colour for their spray, no matter what look they are going for. In comparison to having a new kitchen fit from a limited selection of colours, our service provides much more choice and versatility.

What Colours can be Matched?

Absolutely any colour that you can provide an adequate sample of can be colour matched by scanning. Whilst the majority of our customers choose to have a branded paint colour matched, we can also match the colour of an item. As an example, we are often contacted by customers looking to add to their existing kitchen. In such a situation, we can spray the new items in a colour match to the existing items which provides a simpler, more cost effective solution as opposed to replacing the whole kitchen for it all to match, rather than just adding a select number of cupboards/drawers and having those spray painted.

What Colours do we have Matched Already?

So far, we have matched 132 of Farrow and Ball’s core collection colours, 216 RAL classic colours and around 100 additional colours from various brands including Dulux, Frenchic, Little Greene and Valspar.

How are Colours Matched?

There are two methods of colour matching. The simplest is for a business to scan a colour swatch and identify the closest match colour in their own paint collection. Although it won’t be a perfect match, it will be the closest match among their colour choices. The second, more sophisticated level is when a business scans a colour swatch and develops the precise colourant recipe needed to replicate that colour. Compared to the first option, it is far more accurate because the colour formula is being developed rather than just being roughly matched. Our paint supplier match colours via the second, more advanced level.

What do we Require to Match a Colour?

All we require is a small sample (of around 2 inches by 2 inches) of your chosen colour. The sample must be a dry sample, such as a colour card that can be picked up from a local DIY store such as B&Q or Homebase. If your sample is liquid, such as a tester pot of paint, we require you to paint that paint onto something such as a piece of cardboard, applying enough coats until the colour has the depth that you desire.

How Accurate is Colour Matching?

One of the reasons why we chose our paint supplier is because of the expert colour matching team that they employ. They describe their colour matching as “second to none” and we agree! So long as you can provide a swatch that is of good quality, the colour match will be an excellent replicate.


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