Kitchen Spray Durability


What is kitchen spraying?

How long do sprayed cabinets last?

Are spray painted kitchens guaranteed?

What is Kitchen Spraying?

An increasingly popular service is kitchen spraying, which involves spray painting kitchen cabinets the colour and shine of the customer’s choosing to completely revamp the kitchen at a lower cost than replacing it. Here is more information about our kitchen spraying service.

How Long do Sprayed Cabinets Last?

Customers often query whether spraying kitchen cabinets lasts and whether spray painted cabinets chip. Kitchen spraying (when carried out properly by experienced spray technicians using high quality materials) is a lasting option and the coating will adhere long term. You can read more about this here.

Our kitchen respray coating is comparable to auto paint in that it will not deteriorate from normal use, but cabinets may chip if sufficient force is used, much as auto paint can be harmed in an accident involving another vehicle.

Are Spray Painted Kitchens Guaranteed?

We promise that, when we spray kitchen cabinets, the coating will not peel, fade, crack, or discolour for at least ten years. Should any of the following happen within ten years: peeling, fading, cracking or discolouration, we will come back and fix it for free.

Previously painted kitchens are usually an exemption to this guarantee (and if this is the case, we will confirm this prior to booking in your spray). Whilst we can guarantee that the coating that we have sprayed will not discolour or fade, we cannot guarantee that it will not crack or peel if a paint has been applied underneath. We use the market leading coating and are confident in its durability however the paint underneath may not be of good quality, and so there is a possibility that that original paint could come away, taking our coating with it. We can usually apply a primer after scotching previously applied paint, with the aim of reducing the deterioration of the original paint.

If you have any questions about spray painting, please get in touch and we will happily run through any aspect of the spray process with you.

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