How Much Does It Cost to Spray uPVC Windows?


Cost to Respray Windows vs Cost to Replace Windows

Factors Affecting Window Spray Prices

The Benefits of Having Windows Sprayed

Here at We Spray uPVC, we spray outdoors during the spring, summer and autumn months. Our spray painting teams are almost fully booked this year for spraying windows, doors, garage doors, conservatories, fascias, soffits, guttering, downpipes and cladding again, as we are booked up until late September and soon after will be pausing external spray work for the cold, wet winter months.

Cost to Respray Windows vs Cost to Replace Windows

According to Everest, the average price for a new replacement window in 2023 is between £600 to £3,600 per window! Our window spraying prices start from just £75 plus VAT to spray paint a small window and therefore choosing a respray can cost just 15% of the cost of replacement. Check a Trade agree that “whether you are looking to update your entire house or just a door or window, the cost of uPVC spraying is a fraction of the price of replacement items”.

Factors Affecting Window Spray Prices

We bear the following factors in mind when preparing estimates:

1. The number and size of the items to be sprayed

The more there is to spray, the more our estimate will be however if we are spraying more items on the same occasion, our cost per item will decrease.

2. The complexity of the spray

As an example, windows with astragal bars take longer to spray than standard windows, due to the additional time that it takes to mask off the glass panes in between each bar.

3. The number of windows that open

These windows take longer to spray than windows that do not open, as the opening edges need to be sprayed and additional masking is required.

4. The amount of silicone to be removed and replaced

Although some companies spray over the existing silicone in your chosen colour, we stand firmly against this. Paint does not bond well to silicone and it is inevitable that the paint is going to come away from the silicone, leaving patchy areas. That is why we always factor in the removal of the silicone and the replacement with silicone in a close match to your chosen colour. Whilst this does take extra time, we would rather complete an excellent spray to the best of our ability to ensure that our customers are as happy as possible, both straight after the spray and for many years afterwards.

The Benefits of Having Windows Sprayed

uPVC window spraying is a service that not only saves you money, it also offers a range of benefits:

1. A window respray is cheaper than a window replacement

As stated by Check a Trade, “once sprayed, you would never know that your doors and windows aren’t brand new. You can even spray old doors and windows to match new fittings”. Even if one of your windows is damaged beyond repair and needs to be replaced, you can still choose to have the remaining items sprayed to match the replacement window. This is more cost effective in comparison to having all of your items replaced unnecessarily. Why pay more to replace items when you cannot tell the difference?

2. Window spraying is a durable, long-term option

When we spray uPVC windows, we guarantee that our coating will not crack, peel, fade or discolour for at least 10 years. Using the top quality paint and materials and employing highly skilled Spray Technicians enables us to be confident that we are offering a permanent and long-lasting service.

3. We can spray any colour

Whilst window manufacturers can supply windows in a variety of colours, there is usually a limit of around 10 colours for you to choose from. When having your windows sprayed by us, there is no limit in place. We have 216 RAL classic colours matched as well as 132 Farrow and Ball colours. On top of those, we can also match any colour from any brand so long as you can provide us with a small sample to be scanned. You can choose any colour to suit your taste, no matter how unique it is!

4. We can spray matte, satin and low gloss sheens

We provide the choice of 10% matte, 30% satin and 70% low gloss finishes for uPVC window sprays.

5. We can spray windows faster than you can have items replaced

Both Brexit and the pandemic have had a massive impact on the importation of new windows. Although our teams are all very busy and have around a 6-8 week lead time, 6-8 weeks is much quicker than the time it takes for manufacturers to have replacement items made, delivered to the UK and fit. As we source all of our paint and materials within the UK, we are thankful that we do not have to suffer the delays that those working in other industries have to.

Would you like to take one of our last remaining external spray slots of 2023? If so, please get in touch soon for an estimate.

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