How To Give Your Windows A New Lease Of Life

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference. That’s true of your home or venue’s appearance too – the real character of your property needs a beautiful set of windows to look as good as it should.

The trouble is, as exposed as they are to everyday use and the elements, windows can easily discolour – the colour can even become outdated. So how do give your windows a new lease of life? And are there better ways than forking out for a new collection?

Our short answer is yes. You should only buy new windows if they’re in a state of disrepair or you’re making structural changes to the property. But the longer answer puts several options on the table, each of which are worth your time. Keep reading for our rundown of smart, affordable window renewal alternatives.

Invest in a window frame spray coating

Often the quickest and most affordable route to a revitalised window is simple – get an expert spray coating!

It guards the window against bad weather and sun damage, extending the window’s lifespan. Critically, too, it’s never overpriced. Compared to another store-bought window set, you’ll save a fair amount of cash. Yet the final result is the same: a refreshed, more luxurious impression you can always change on a whim.

We Spray are spraying experts. We coat hundreds of windows every year with K2 Kolorbond paint – one of the best in the industry. It means we can guarantee that each spray lasts for a minimum of 10 years.

Together with same-day coatings, you have a convenient service and all the colours you could ever dream of or ask for.

Match your windows with statement lighting

It’s amazing what a little light can do for your window aesthetic. Whether looking from the outside in or experimenting with reflection and glass texture, you could try placing a ceiling or floor lamp nearby.

Artificial light can make the window look totally different in the evening. A floor uplighter emphasises shadows of the contours of the frame. Pendant lights lend a grand effect even through small windows. You could also test fairy lights around the inside frame for a quirkier embellishment – bedrooms are a prime space for this.

Discover etching options

If we’re leaving the frame out of the picture, you can explore professional glass etching. The window will be engraved, decorated or achieve a new surface quality. How? Through a process called ‘blast finishing’, which pumps abrasive particles at high speeds along the surface to change its appearance in a number of ways.

The effects of blast finishing can be controlled to match the wider look of the property. A diamond or floral pattern, for example, speaks to tradition, whilst mottled glass is a lovely accent for bathrooms. However, the results are permanent. You need to be 100% sure it’s a style you can enjoy for many years to come.

Window spraying, on the other hand, can suit any look, size or scale with freedom to take on another coat when you think it’s due. Try out our Configurator to mix and match a few colours, or speak to us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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