Transform Your Kitchen Without Breaking The Bank

A new kitchen can cost thousands of pounds. But breaking open a piggy bank or pushing a credit limit might not be thebest way to give it a renewed sense of vitality. There are other ways to revitalise your kitchen’s appearance – one of which can be done in a day or two, at a reasonable cost, and produce the exact look you’re hoping for.

It’s all down to a spray coating. A team of experts can turn up, working their way through your kitchen, and spray it anew – until you’re left with a room that could’ve been airlifted from a showroom.

Let’s explain how a kitchen spray works and what’s so great about it.

The technique

From drawers to cupboards, chairs to tables, shelves to wine racks, and even the cubby holes surrounding your countertops… There’s a lot to think about for a kitchen spray coating. The thing is, an experienced sprayer knows just how to do the job right with long-term sustainability in mind.

They can also protect what isn’t being sprayed, so other elements remain as they are. Masking is used to cover anything around or near the materials due for treatment – which, by the way, extends to glass, wood, uPVC, laminate or metal.

The sprayer will then clean the surface, smooth it, and apply a ‘mist coating’ to reveal any more dirt or grime. Then several paint coatings are layered on top of each other for a bold and even result in your chosen finish: matte, satin or gloss. This makes your kitchen look as if it’s been remodelled from scratch, shining with fresh possibilities.

All of this usually takes between one and three days with a specialist, experienced team.

The colours

You need a coating that will turn people’s heads when they walk in to your kitchen. By colour matching to a T, you can complement or transform the aesthetic you have now, and make it seem entirely new again.

Neutral tones. Aquatic colours. Something a bit darker and more industrial. They’re all possible. Consult with your spraying experts beforehand and they’ll take you through their colour range.
Ultimately, much of the result rests on the type of paint they’re using. Take K2 Kolorbond, for instance. It’s our preferred option. K2 is an industry-leading paint that is super vivid, diverse and long-lasting. Bright blue counters? Mint green contrasted with a tasteful beige on your cupboards? There are dozens and dozens of options and combinations to go for. Plus, K2 Kolorbond lasts for at least 10 years without any flaking or peeling.

The cost you’ll save

When you’re buying a new kitchen, cost is a major issue. They don’t come cheap. According to householdquotes.co.uk, the average price of a kitchen in the UK is £8,000, including installation and VAT. But that doesn’t cover prep work such as plastering, wiring and clearing out the old furnishing. You might find that the investment spirals into £10,000 or more for an average-sized home.

Professional spray coatings, on the other hand, will only set you back by a fraction of the cost. It depends on the extent of the job, of course – every quote is unique. Yet on the whole, it is far, far cheaper than a total kitchen replacement.

Ask us yourself. We Spray are a friendly, family-run service team in the North West, and we offer free advice on any kitchen project.

Give us a call to learn more. We can see the space in person, chat through some potential palettes, and get started as soon as you want us to. The kitchen, after all, is the heart of the home and deserves a considered approach.

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