What Preparation is Needed before uPVC Window Spraying?

Luckily for our customers, when it comes to having their uPVC windows sprayed, they are not required to prepare whatsoever. Our competent team members fully prepare properties for the spray as set out below:

  • Firstly, we remove existing silicone.
  • Secondly, we clean the surface of the window frames using soap and water, ensuring that they are free from debris.
  • Thirdly, we scotch the surface to allow the paint to adhere seamlessly.
  • Fourthly, we mask off the areas surrounding the windows using masking paper and tape. This ensures that there is no over-spray on the brickwork or glazing and guarantees that we achieve a perfectly straight line.
  • Next, we apply a mist coat to ensure that nothing remains on the surface which may affect the finish. The specialist paint that we use does not require the use of a primer so all coats applied are of K2.
  • Following the mist coat, we spray at least three more coats until the finish of the windows is flawless.
  • Then we remove the masking tape and reapply silicone around the frames in the chosen RAL colour.
  • Finally we tidy up and leave our customers to admire their property’s transformation.

Below are some photos which demonstrate the preparation process which is carried out by our team for each and every window spray.

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