How Much Does it Cost to Spray a Kitchen?

Check a Trade’s Cost Guide

Our Cost Calculation

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Detailed Process and Techniques

Tips for Maintaining Sprayed Kitchen Cabinets


Check a Trade’s Cost Guide

We’ve checked out Check a Trade’s Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets Cost Guide. Our aim is to provide a kitchen spraying service that is both top quality yet affordable and we wanted to compare our price to that of like for like spray paint experts. Here are Check a Trade’s findings in relation to cost:

“For wooden kitchen cabinets, the cost to respray is about £70 per cabinet. For larder and pantry cabinets the cost to respray is around £90 per cabinet, due to them being larger than standard kitchen cabinets. For any integrated kitchen appliances, the respray cost is about £70 per facing.”

Check a Trade advise:

“When looking at the cost to spray paint kitchen cabinets, it’s important to work with tradespeople who offer a high-quality service and have excellent customer reviews. Some will offer up to a 10-year guarantee that the paint won’t flake, crack or peel. Those are the type of tradespeople you want to hire.”

Our Cost Calculation

Our kitchen spray painting estimates are based on multiple factors, including the following:

  • The number of cabinets and drawers.
  • The size of cabinets and drawers.
  • The design of cabinets and drawers.
  • The condition of cabinets and drawers.
  • The space available in your kitchen to complete the spray.
  • The distance of your home from our base in Stockport, Cheshire.


For an average sized kitchen (comprised of around 23 cabinets and drawers), our basic estimate would be around £920 plus VAT for our kitchen spray option 1. You can find out more about our three kitchen spray options here. This works out at just £40 plus VAT per removable item i.e. door/drawer!

Customer Testimonials

Below are reviews left by some of our satisfied customers following on from their positive experience of using We Spray uPVC to professional spray paint their kitchen cupboards and drawer fronts:

“Love my new look kitchen. From consultation to completion, team were amazing, so professional and knowledgeable felt confident I was getting what I asked for. On the day, the team took over the kitchen and did an amazing job, kitchen now looks like a new one for the fraction of the cost thank you.” – Ms Carter

“Punctual, efficient, polite, helpful, accommodating, courteous, value for money. Excellent company, friendly and helpful staff, clean and tidy workforce. Very pleased with finished kitchen. Saved thousands of pounds. Why buy new? – Mr Leather

“The kitchen looked great and was tidied up immaculately. So pleased I found this company. The kitchen looks like new again and saved a lot of money on having to replace all the doors.” – Ms Watson

We are very grateful when our happy customers take the time to offer their feedback and to leave a review for us on our Facebook, Google or Trustpilot pages. If you are one of our lovely customers who has yet to leave a recommendation and you would like to do so, please get in touch with us and we can send across links to review platforms to assist with this.

Detailed Process and Techniques

When our Paint Sprayers spray paint your kitchen, firstly they remove all of the handles, kitchen cupboards and drawer fronts and number them. Next they start masking, sheeting and filming to avoid spraying overspray onto surrounding items. They scotch the kitchen before cleaning items with panel wipe, ready to begin the spray. You can learn more about the step-by-step process of spraying kitchen cabinets here. Our thorough preparation is what ensures a factory finish kitchen.

Example of Preparation

We employ experienced and skilful Paint Sprayers who have learned specific techniques over many years. They have learned to use steady hand movements, spraying with an air pressure to equal the paint flow from their high-quality spray guns. To ensure a consistent painted finish, they cover 50% of their last stroke with their next stroke.

To guarantee a perfect painted finish, we will only use the market leading solvent based paint. This trade paint can be sprayed in any colour and in a 10% matte, 30% satin or 70% low gloss finish.

You may find it cheaper to take on the painting yourself or to obtain a cheaper estimate from a start-up spray company or one man band however we ask you to bear in mind the below:

  • We are an established, expert company offering the best kitchen spray painting service in the North West.
  • We have outstanding customer recommendations, which can be found on our Facebook, Google and Trustpilot pages.
  • We offer a 10 year guarantee which covers fading, discolouration, cracking and peeling.
  • We use the market leading coating, materials and equipment.
  • We employ experienced, knowledgeable and hardworking spray technicians as well as a committed administration and customer service team.
  • We also spray commercially for manufacturers at our spray booth.
  • We have many business expenses which include wages and taxes for our administration, customer service and spray teams, top quality paint, materials and equipment, rent and bills for our spray booth and storage units, business insurance, fleet insurance, van payments as well as fuel and maintenance costs, corporation tax plus advertising, software, phone, web hosting fees and more!


If you would like your kitchen to be professionally spray painted with a factory finish, opting for a cheaper route is unlikely to be the best solution.

Tips for Maintaining Sprayed Kitchen Cabinets

To maintain the quality and longevity of your newly sprayed cabinets, we recommend that you regularly wipe them down and clean as you go after using the kitchen. If there are any spills on or close to painted surfaces, you should clean those as soon as possible to preserve the factory finish. When cleaning, we recommend using warm, soapy water and to avoid using solvent based cleaning products. We also suggest that soft microfiber cloths are used when cleaning.


Here are some of the common questions that our customers have about our kitchen spray service:

Do we offer a colour matching service? We can spray our specially formulated paint in an infinite spectrum of colours. We already have over 375 colours matched and we can also match any colour of your choosing. To match a colour, we just require a small sample of your chosen colour, such as a colour card.

Can we spray a gloss sheen? The highest sheen that we spray is 70% low gloss. This sheen is not as super shiny as high gloss and is a great paint finish for rooms with moisture such as kitchens, as it is highly durable and battles grease. We also offer 10% matte and 30% satin sheens. Our standard and recommended sheen is satin, as that is most forgiving if there are any imperfections in the surface, is easiest to clean and is suited for high traffic areas, such as kitchens.

Can we spray over glossy kitchen cupboards? Yes, our teams can spray over high gloss kitchen cabinets in any of the three sheens mentioned above. As our team scotch the glossy surface prior to spraying, that keys the surface, roughening it for our coating to grip onto it.

How many coats of paint do we apply? Our teams apply a dust coat and then at least three more coats of paint, until they achieve an even coverage.

How durable is our coating? Once our coating has dried, it is very durable. As a result, the kitchen cupboards are highly resistant to abrasion and other accidental damage. This means that we can confidently offer our 10 year guarantee (please see below).

Do we offer a guarantee? Yes, we guarantee that our coating will not crack, discolour, fade or peel for at least 10 years. This guarantee applies to all kitchen sprays, including solid wood, engineered wood such as laminate and MDF kitchens, so long as they have not been previously painted since they were manufactured.

How long does it take to spray a kitchen? The vast majority of the kitchen sprays that our Paint Sprayers complete take 1 or 2 days. There are some kitchens that can take longer, such as larger kitchens, kitchens that require longer travel times and kitchens with damaged vinyl, as peeling the vinyl and priming the underneath MDF increases the duration of the job.

What preparation do you need to carry out prior to the kitchen spray? Prior to your kitchen spray, we ask that you clean your kitchen, empty your items from your cupboards and drawers and pull out any freestanding appliances, if you would like our Paint Sprayers to spray the side panels beside them.

What do you need to do after the spray? After the spray, we ask that you not touch the items sprayed for 24 hours, to allow the paint time to fully cure. Our team will have collected all rubbish and taken that away with them and so as soon as the paint has dried, your kitchen is ready for you to enjoy. Above we have included tips for maintaining your sprayed kitchen cabinets and so you will just need to continue with regular cleaning of your kitchen as you did prior to the spray, except without the use of harsh chemical cleaning products.

How many Paint Sprayers do we employ and where do we operate? We currently employ five Paint Sprayers, four of whom are based across Cheshire and the fifth in Merseyside. We spray kitchens and other items, such as furniture, windows and doors, both local to our base in Stockport as well as much further afield.

If you would like to have a read of additional questions and answers, we suggest that you read this FAQ blog post. You can also get in touch and our friendly team can answer any other queries that you may have relating to kitchen spraying cost or anything else. We can provide you with a free, no obligation bespoke spray estimate. Considering all of the above, we are sure that you will agree that our prices are extremely reasonable!

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