Green Kitchen Sprays

As we’ve progressed through 2021, we’ve noticed green shades becoming increasingly popular for kitchen makeovers. Green is such a versatile colour to choose as there are pure greens, blue greens and grey greens. Here are photos of some of our favourite green kitchen transformations. Farrow and Ball Card Room Green Here’s a kitchen sprayed by […]

January’s Kitchen Respray Makeovers

Here are before and after photos of some of January’s kitchen respray makeovers that we sprayed last month. We guarantee the coating for 10 years from the date of the spray and this covers cracking, peeling, flaking and discolouration. These kitchens are all guaranteed until January 2031! We have hundreds of five star reviews across […]

December’s Kitchen Spray Renovations

Despite breaking up for Christmas on the 18th December, our teams still managed to spray: 16 kitchens 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom as well as hundreds of items for our commercial customers at our spray booth in Stockport! Here are some of the kitchens that we spray painted in December. We sprayed: White, grey, and blue […]

Kitchen Spraying Over Vinyl Wrapped Kitchens

Here’s a kitchen that our company sprayed in September 2020. This kitchen was sprayed by Dave and Emma in dual colours, the top cupboards in Farrow and Ball Pavilion Gray and the bottom cupboards in RAL 7005 Mouse Grey. Many people think that kitchen spraying is only an option for kitchens that are in pristine […]

Grey Kitchen Sprays – Farrow and Ball Shades

Here are some kitchens that we’ve sprayed in light, medium and dark grey shades of Farrow and Ball. Farrow and Ball offer 148 paint colours and we’ve completed some fabulous kitchen transformations using their beautiful colours. Grey is such a versatile colour and is a great colour choice for your kitchen makeover. If you’re looking […]

Can Kitchen Vinyl Wrap Problems be Fixed?

Many of our customers get in touch with us to ask if we’re able to offer a solution to their kitchen vinyl wrap problems that they’re having. From our experience, vinyl wrap does not seem to be as durable as having your kitchen cupboards spray painted. For further advice in relation to vinyl wrapped kitchens, […]

White Kitchen Sprays

Today’s blog features kitchens sprayed by our experienced spray teams in our most popular shades of white. White is a great colour choice if you’re looking to complete transform your kitchen as it makes your kitchen look fresh, lighter and brighter and appear bigger. White kitchens also timeless and look great when adding a darker […]

Farrow & Ball Lamp Room Gray Kitchen Sprays

Farrow & Ball’s Lamp Room Gray is fast becoming one of our most popular shades for kitchen resprays. This colour is a beautiful blue grey which looks lovely alongside so many other colours, including whites, blacks and blues. It’s slightly softer than Farrow & Ball’s Pavilion Gray, which is another popular colour which features on […]

What Colour can I Choose for my Kitchen Spray?

The simple answer is, you can choose ABSOLUTELY ANY colour. If you decide to have your kitchen sprayed rather than replaced, you can better customise it to suit your personal style. You can choose from a limitless choice of colour options, whether from the RAL colour charts, Farrow and Ball or any other brand of […]